Did you know we also restore tiles? 

Our team of experienced stone & tile restoration experts are available to revitalise any of your existing tile & stone surfaces. Call us to discuss your needs and we will arrange an appointment for one of our operatives to come and discuss your requirements. Our services include, but are not limited to, re-polishing & honing of natural stone, scratch & lippage removal, deep cleaning, routine maintenance & resealing whether it be internal or external. 

Please check out our Restoration website for more info, you can also purchase maintenance products www.tbtilecleaning.co.uk


Colourseal Grouting

Colour sealing is the most effective way of restoring and renewing your wall and floor grout to a better than new condition. Colour sealing provides water tight, stain resistant, durable protection with its built in mildewcide ensures sanitation for years. Colour sealing is also available in a range of different colours if the grout no longer matches your room.



our specialist marble tile cleaning equipment can not only clean the marble tiles, but can also clean the grout in between each tile too, giving the appearance of that ‘just laid’ finish. Following our deep cleaning process, we use the latest technology in diamond tooling to restore the original surface finish whether it be honed or polished. The results speak for themselves.


External Stone Restoration

Power washing external stone areas can damage the surface of the stone and leave steaks. Our specialist steam, pressure and extraction system using a rotary spinner is gentle enough not to damage your stone but strong enough to remove even the stubborn dirt, algae and black spot marks. We also use preventative treatments to help keep your outside areas looking their best for longer.


acid etch removal

All Limestone and marble tiles and worktops are susceptible to acid erosion marks, regardless of how well sealed they are. Using various grades of diamond recovery discs and pads, we can remove this unsightly damage and restore your stone to its former glory. This can be done in isolation or across large areas as necessary.

cast stone.jpg

CAST STONE restoration

Dry and wet cast stone is used in many new and older buildings. Over time, organic and unorganic matter becomes absorbed into the face of the stone. Our combination of chemical and low pressure jetting removes these marks and restores your external facades to their optimum condition.


internal clean

Using our revolutionary, truck mounted generator system we combine hot water, high pressure, emulsifier and vacuum to create a one stop deep cleaning process. Each and every surface we refurbish has different characteristics dependant on the style of wall or floor (i.e. ceramic, porcelain and natural stone) and the area in which it is situated. We provide bespoke planning and specific cleaning agents to ensure that your environment is perfectly catered for.


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